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How this comm works
There will be a set of five questions posted each Friday by one of the moderators on both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Please copy and paste them to your own journal, answer them there, and then post a comment to that week's Friday Five with a link to your journal entry. If your journal is "friends only," feel free to post your answers as a comment in that week's Friday Five.

We do our best to get the question sets up as early as possible each week, so that all of our members have the opportunity to see them on Friday in their timezone. Most of our moderators do seem to be in the US, so please bear that in mind as they are posting up each week's questions.

The only people with posting access in this community are the moderators. This is mentioned in the user info. The reason being is to prevent multiple postings every Friday PLUS to prevent people from posting entries such as "here's my friday five!" The only place to put your friday five results is in a comment to that week's questions.

Anyone can comment to the entries and you are more than welcome to suggest questions. We can't exist without your suggestions for question sets.

Please leave your question set suggestions on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth.

Questions, Comments, Concerns
If, at any time, you are having an issue with something here in the community, please feel free to contact the moderators for assistance.

Thank you.

Your moderator team
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