Jun. 22nd, 2010

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We are closing [community profile] thefridayfive for people joining the community. By the end of the day today, the only people who will be "in" the community are the moderators. We are asking all of you that enjoy the community to "friend" the community instead.

What does this mean for you, our fans and friends? Absolutely nothing. You will notice no changes in what you can and cannot do in the community. You will still see every post and still be allowed to reply to each and every post and comment.

This is purely an adminstrative change. We're hoping that this cuts down on the confusion as to "how can I get posting access?" when people click on "join." People often confuse "posting access" with posting comments; "posting access" in this community is strictly for moderators, so we can control and keep tabs of what gets published every week. You'll notice other communities on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal do the same thing; it's only to cut down on confusion. While only moderators can post the actual questions, we do ask for your suggestions for weekly sets.

Livejournal also has a limit to how many members may join a community. By closing the membership and requiring you to "friend" us, we're making it so that we don't ever have to reject anyone from the community. Click here to add the Friday Five to your friends list.

In short: we'll still post the questions every week and you can still reply to the posts and make suggestions for posts.

We appreciate how many of you have participated in the Friday Five. We started this community because we missed the Friday Five, and we know you did, too. We enjoy providing you with weekly sets, and I believe we're the only "Friday Five" community on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal that allows people to suggest that week's set. That's why we are asking for your patience and understanding as we make this administrative change, as we're just trying to make this community the best that it can be.

Remember, if you'd like to suggest questions for a future Friday Five, then do so here: LJ or DW.
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Interested in submitting questions for future Friday Fives? Please do so in the comment section of this post.


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